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After years of planning, hard work and a lot of creative thinking, we opened our first specialty Latin-American retail store in June of 1999.

We had always dreamed of owning and operating our own business.  We were convinced that our combined passions, experience and skills would enable us to succeed as business owners and partners in the often-challenging retail world.

Well, we did it and must say that opening a business like Casa Luna marked the beginning of an incredible journey!  Although the learning curve has been steep and the challenges, plenty, there’s never been a doubt in our minds that we have made the right desicion.  We’ve met the most wonderful people and developed so many special friendships throughout the years.  This fact alone has made it all worth it.

We are now looking forward to continued success as we grow and expand our business.

Thank you to all of our incredible customers, friends and family.

Alex Grooscors and Diane Dumas
Founders, Casa Luna

“A customer is the most important visitor on our premises.  He is not dependent on us.  We are dependent on him.  He is not an interruption in our work.  He is the purpose of it.  He is not an outsider in our business.  He is part of it.  We are not doing him a favor by serving him.  He is doing us a favor by giving us an opportunity to do so.”

Mahatma Gandhi

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We know this is sudden, but please believe us when we tell you that this is a very sad moment for Alex and I. As many of you know, Casa Luna wasn’t “just a business” to us. In addition to our wonderful family and friends, Casa Luna was such a big part of our lives. …

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Featured Homes

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Greco Style

We’ve had the pleasure of dealing with Lisa and Tony Greco while working together on a variety of custom furniture and door projects that have been incorporated into the design of their new home in Manotick, Ontario. Live Lean; Live Fit; Live Well is the philosophy behind Tony’s seven schools for fitness but it’s also …

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Relaxed Elegance for Your Home or Cottage

Bring nature in with handcrafted furniture made with woods that have been responsibly harvested, reclaimed and salvaged.

Casa Luna is Ottawa’s premier rustic and eco-friendly furniture destination.

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