La Chamba

La Chamba – Organic black cookware

La Chamba is made from dark grey micacious clay found in central Colombia near the Magdalena River. 

Archeologists tell us this region is home to the oldest pottery known in the Americas. 

Each piece is molded by hand, and then coated with a fine red terracotta clay.  The red clay is then rubbed by hand (burnished) with natural stones.  After firing at very high temperatures in an earth kiln, the pieces are covered with rice husks and smoked.  This part of the process is what changes the color from red to black.

La Chamba is safe for use on the stove, in the oven, the microwave and even on the barbeque or an open flame.  Wooden utensils are recommended.

There are no toxins used the production of this dinnerware.  The artisans do not use glazes and there is no lead in the clay.  You can feel safe and confident using this unique and authentic traditional clay cookware. 


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