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We are thrilled to introduce our new line of custom, hand-crafted, high quality leather furniture.

In a world of man-made materials, leather remains a natual product with its own particular appeal. It is recognized as one of the most comfortable materials to be in contact with the human body in any way. It has durability over long periods, as well as an ability to stand up to serve working demands. Its high tensile strength makes it resistant to tears, flexural fatigue and punctures. Leather has four times the life expectancy of fabric. It is the strongest, most versatile natural resource. It should also be understood that cattle is a by-product of the meat industry and are raised for beef consumption. Leather is therefore a renewable resource allowing us to create valuable products out of what otherwise would be waste.

At Casa Luna our leather furniture is constructed right here in Ontario by a team of skilled craftsmen and designers with decades of experience. For this reason, we are able to offer to our customers the option to customize and personalize their leather purchase.

Our customers can choose from hundreds of leather colours, but that’s not all. Most of our leather styles can be ordered as a chair, chair-and-a-half, loveseat, regular or appartment-size sofa, sectional, sofa-bed or recliner. Cushion depth, nail heads, foam density, down seating, feather blend seating and leg style are all options available to our customers.

TYPES OF LEATHER:There are only 2 basic types of real leather. Top grain and Full grain.

Top grain leather has been slightly corrected and is semi aniline dyed. This means that any imperfections in the leather has been corrected and then dyed. The dying process is surface only. After the leather has been dyed, the tannery puts a finish on the leather to protect it.

Full grain leather has not been corrected. All of the natural beauty such as healed scars, tick bites and some branding are evident in the hide of leather. Aniline dyed leather is the ultimate dying process for natural leathers. Aniline dyes penetrate the hides thoroughly and produce an even color distribution. The dyes are permanent, they will not rub off. It is characteristic of this type of processing to allow the natural markings to show through giving the leather a rugged charm.

Full grain distressed leathers look different than most leathers as they have either a wax or oil finish, and sometimes even a combination of both.

Properly cared for, these leathers can last from 30 to 50 years.

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We know this is sudden, but please believe us when we tell you that this is a very sad moment for Alex and I. As many of you know, Casa Luna wasn’t “just a business” to us. In addition to our wonderful family and friends, Casa Luna was such a big part of our lives. …

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Relaxed Elegance for Your Home or Cottage

Bring nature in with handcrafted furniture made with woods that have been responsibly harvested, reclaimed and salvaged.

Casa Luna is Ottawa’s premier rustic and eco-friendly furniture destination.

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